Sell more vehicles, make more, do less.

Sell more vehicles, improve turnover, and work with a company you trust. Blackbird Finance makes it easier for overseas suppliers and agents to sell to New Zealand dealers.

Blackbird is a specialist finance company for motor vehicle importers in New Zealand. As a pre-approved Blackbird supplier or agent, you’ll get the benefits of our loans to dealers.

We provide dealers with competitively-priced funding, which means they have the finance they need to buy more vehicles from you.

We fund dealers for vehicles still in transit, which means you’ll be paid for your vehicles much faster. This also cuts down on administration costs and reduces the capital needed for each vehicle. Because you’ll be paid as soon as the vehicle is in transit, you’ll be able to put that capital back into your business straight away.

Blackbird helps reduce your credit risk and exposure to New Zealand dealers. Because we collect the payments from the dealer, you no longer have to worry about chasing dealers.

Your connection to Blackbird also helps you retain existing customers by offering credit facilities, without spending money or risking your business.

Blackbird makes it easier to grow your business, reduce costs, and keep your customers.

Become a pre-approved supplier and start selling to Blackbird dealers now

Frequently Asked Questions

Agents and Suppliers’ Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an Agent/Supplier – can I get a Blackbird Facility?

As an Agent or Supplier, you’ll benefit from selling to dealers with Blackbird Finance, but you can’t access finance yourself. To make the most of these benefits, you can encourage or even require your customers to use Blackbird Finance.

Does it cost anything for me to deal with Blackbird?

You benefit from Blackbird’s service without paying anything. We simply ensure that you get paid on time.However, if you wish, you can choose to pay the Establishment Fee for your Dealers as a sales incentive - it's a great way to build customer loyalty.

Will I lose money if the Dealer defaults on their Blackbird loan?

No. We help you sell more vehicles with less risk. Once you've been paid, all credit risk passes to us. You get paid on time, every time.

Does Blackbird take on my liability for vehicle faults?

Although we take on your credit risk, you are still liable for any serious vehicle faults. Your contractual relationship with the Dealer is your responsibility, and we won’t get involved with vehicle claims or contractual disputes between Dealers and Suppliers.

Do I need to sign an agreement with Blackbird before Dealers can buy from me?

You don’t need to sign a contract – we just need to pre-approve you as a vendor. You’ll also need to agree to hold all vehicle documentation for Blackbird-funded vehicles on our behalf until it is passed on to the shipping company or sent directly to Blackbird.

Do I own the vehicle until I have been fully paid out?

Your ownership of a vehicle is not affected by Blackbird. Depending on your normal contract with your Dealer, you will retain ownership until you have been paid for any vehicle. However, we will register a New Zealand PPSR security over the vehicle once we have paid for it (this includes any partial payment). This means that we will have first claim on the proceeds of the sale of that vehicle if its loan is not fully repaid. Because you will be paid in full when your vehicle goes into transit, this will not affect you in most cases.